FB_IMG_1538960192605cropped-39742514_2020883301276842_540583297047068672_n-1.jpg Committee

Some are skateboarders, some are lifelong friends, some are family, and some are just residents who believe Conway, N.H. needs a skate park.

We are always looking for volunteers and help! Please email us at Goskate4kev@aol.com! If you are interested in being involved in this adventure!

Active members                                                                                                                     

Caren Peare Wiggin    Director
Anna Peare     Secretary /Treasurer
Steven Lyle Committee chair
Sarah Hoffman      Committee member
Courtney Peare    Committee member
Kerri McAllister  Committee member
28280124_1831817613516653_3678780350199318529_n (2)
Erin Russell    Committee member 

Junior Members

Stevie Peare
Ty McCormack

Supportive committee members 

Carlos Gomez / Nic Alexander / Ben Simpson / Ian Olson / Michael Marcotte
Ben Colbath / Trent Graham / Michel Rabideau / Michelle Peare

Honorary Members

Marge Webster Warren and Vito Marcello





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