The Dream

The photo above is found at Sk8land’s website. The skate park pictured is Tetuan Skate Plaza in Madrid, Spain.

While searching for ideas to get started on a model for the park that’s to be built in Conway, N.H., Caren Wiggin and Anna Peara fell in love with this particular park for a few reasons:

  • It complements the surrounding landscape, and doesn’t create an eyesore.
  • It offers skaters a variety of obstacles but isn’t cramped.
  • The space is open, accessible to skaters and viewers alike.
  • It’s lit.

The board isn’t aiming for an exact replica of this park, but Tetuan’s serves as a good model that hits the important marks to be remembered when design time comes.

Even though we are possibly a few years out from beginning construction, it’s essential to those involved to remember what we are aiming for. After all, things are moving quickly for our organization.

An exact location for the park hasn’t been pinned down yet, since we are going through the process of looking at zoning restrictions and available land in the town of Conway.

Have any suggestions or comments about the design or location of the future park?

Let us know. 

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